10th X4 Miitti 2018

13 – 15.7. 2018 Simpele

This year about half of people arrived from Germany, both old friends who have been here many times earlier and also a significant group of first-timers.
Saku had arranged a good party; on Friday evening the band was playing and on Saturday ride-out we visited interesting places, like Statue Park which is a creation of one individual. He had a hobby; making life-size human statues from concrete. There were hundreds of them… The place is worth to visit if one is travelling close to Parikkala.

The traditional X4 Cup competition this year realized during the Saturday trip, it was a Poker Ride. Each participant draw a card on every stop we made. The aim was naturally to get the best hand by poker rules.
At the end, on Saturday evening, the winner was Mafiosi. He had flush of hearts.
Other nominated people on Saturday evening were Markku, longest distance among finnish mens, and Arja, finnish ladies.
Foreigner’s longest distance prizes went to Torsten and Beate, who rode with Andy. This year there weren’t any female solo riders coming from other countries than Finland.
Peoples choice, the best X4, was given to Jari.
Additionally this year we chose also “Not Very Original X4″, this was Conty’s as his motorcycle is built with a very diferent style.
Ahti got “Slobberer” prize, not because of dirty bike but attitude; summertime is for riding, not polishing. He has proved that one can ride long distances with a heavily modified motorcycle.
Sirpa was nominated as a Backseat Rider, she was invited by Ahti and riding with him the very first time.
We had also “Worth to Mention” which was handed over to Ulf who arranged and coordinated the trip for a group of ten people from Germany.

Before the prizegiving on Saturady evening our chefs astonished us with coffee and cake service. Very delicious and good looking cakes indeed.

Next year meeting, 11th X miitti, will be by Siku Moto MC in Kuivaniemi, the date is 2-4. August.