4th X4 miitti 2012

13. – 15. 7. 2012 Simpele

Our fourth meeting followed the old, well-known formula. Weekend went by quite swiftly. Friday was a bit rainy, fortunately the nice weather on Saturday enabled the ride-out and competitions. As usual, in the evenings we had sauna, barbecue etc… On Sunday some of us got back home dry, some weren’t so lucky.

After the prizegiving at Saturday night, the following persons owned new coffee mugs:
Traveller:                             Christian
Travellee:                             Leena
Favorite Bike:                      Jari
Fresh Acquirement:           Korvis
Longest Relationship:        Conty
X4 Cup:                                Hightower

“Traveller” and “Travellee” were longest distance prizes. “Fresh acquirement” was for the newest X4 purchase, “Longest Relationship” was the opposite. We also took cognizance of the youngest participant.

It was a nice and cozy weekend. Facilities suited perfectly for us and the food was delicious, greetings to hostesses and hosts!